Are you in (city) love? 

You know how you know that you are absolutely in love? So in love that it scares you? I’m not talking about love in the traditional sense in which a man loves a man, or a woman loves a man, I’m talking about the type of love that only a flight attendant understands. This type of love is special, never-ending, and doesn’t even have the capability of cheating on you. The type of love I’m referring to, is the love of a city. And you know how you know that you are in love with a city? Picture this: you are running to the gate at the last minute to catch your flight, and you happen to glance over at the television monitor inside the boarding area. You see your destination written on the monitor in big bold letters, and suddenly your stilettos stop moving and you are in unexpected awe. Your heart starts beating real fast, your jaw may even drop, and suddenly it becomes real. You are headed to a city you are in absolute love with.

Just like men and women, cities come in different shapes and sizes, and offer a wide array of attributes, depending on what you are looking for or what weird city fetishes you may have. And just tonight, I had the absolute pleasure of feeling that feeling that I have for too long, yearned to feel again. As I was running through terminal eight at JFK airport, with only minutes until boarding ceased and the flight departed, I stopped completely short in my tracks when I read those words “Paris, France” on the monitors, and my heart sped up in that unexpected yet pleasantly surprised kind of way.
I once read a quote by Honoré de Balzac in which he stated that, “Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant,” and it was in that exact moment of when I read that, that I knew Honoré was on to something. After about the couple of dozen times I have been to Paris, be it for a weekend or a week, I have never grown tired of it. In fact, I’ve only grown more to love the city, for everything it has to offer. Paris is the type of place that doesn’t stay mad at you. Paris doesn’t tell you can’t drink in the streets. Paris doesn’t tell you not to party past four in the morning, and Paris always wants to have a Kiki with you. The countless art museums, ancient churches, grand opera, Eiffel Tower, and unprecedented architecture all stimulates the beauty, elegance, and creativity inside of you.
I was supposed to be joined this weekend by my buddy bidder Ivey, until screw scheduling worked their usual magic, and sent her on a trip around the continental United States, with never actually leaving LaGuardia (or as we call it- LaGarbage) airport. But instead, I will venture to Paris alone just for the weekend. I figured I was long overdue for a visit anyway, and it just so happened that a French boy I absolutely adore is going to be in town this weekend for work as well. I was always taught to follow your heart, and sometimes your heart brings you 5,862 kilometers, or six hours and forty-three minutes across the ocean.

And while I texted Ivey that “something was wrong with me,” because I was more-or-less getting on a plane at the last minute alone, to basically fly halfway across the world to ultimately have dinner with a boy, her answer was unparalleled and shocking. Ivey replied, “that’s what were supposed to do. Something is right with you.” I can’t think of the last time I heard more true words. Because who says were not supposed to, or can’t do that?

Because honestly, as flight attendants, does it really matter what city some one you have feelings for lives in, when you can hardly identify with the city yourself, that you live in. While I do live in New York City, how many nights a month do I actually spend “living” in the big apple? And for those of you that do know me personally, you know that I’d much rather live in the E.U., any day over the States.

And as the engines start to roar, and we race down the runway with only runway lights, city views, and endless possibilities ahead, Balzac’s words come to mind once more. True elegance and beauty are waiting for me in Paris, and on any given day I’m only less then seven hours away from it. And it’s in this fleeting moment that I know I’ve made the right choice.

Until next time, XOXO.


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