50 Things To Do Before 50 (in 50 Countries) 

Because You Only live Once (YOLO).

  1. China: Hike a part of the Great Wall of China
  2. Cambodia: See the sunrise/sunset at Angkor Wat
  3. Myanmar (Burma): Visit a country with two names
  4. England: See Stonehenge
  5. France: See the Eiffel Tower sparkle
  6. Thailand: Attend a Full Moon Party
  7. Germany: Make it past the doorman at Berghain (Berlin)
  8. Nepal: Hike a part of Mount Everest
  9. India: Marvel at the Taj Mahal
  10. Poland: Learn about World War II history at Auschwitz
  11. South Africa: Hike to the top of Table Mountain
  12. Vietnam: Crawl through the Cu Chi Tunnels
  13. Switzerland: Ski the Swiss Alps
  14. Australia: Take a drive down Great Ocean Road
  15. Holland: Visit the Anne Frank Haus
  16. Czech Republic: Stroll across Charles Bridge
  17. Italy: Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish
  18. Austria: Explore the Shonbrunn Palace gardens
  19. Vatican City: Visit the smallest country in the world
  20. Monaco: Get your passport stamped (yes they do that, at the main post office!)
  21. Panama: See the Panama Canal 
  22. Hungry: Visit the House of Terror
  23. Spain: Party in Ibiza
  24. Chile: Check out the statues on Easter Island
  25. Mexico: Explore the Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula
  26. Peru: Learn about the Incas at Machu Piachu
  27. Guam: Snorkel at Ypao Beach Park
  28. New Zealand: Complete a wine tasting, or two
  29. Philippines: Visit the Chocolate Hills
  30. Indonesia: Experience the Ubud Monkey Forest
  31. Curacao: Visit the colorful downtown Willemstad
  32. Tasmania: Complete a coastal hike
  33. Palau: Dive in the Rock Islands
  34. Ireland: Learn how beer is made at the Guinness Brewery (Dublin)
  35. Scotland: Enjoy optical illusions at their finest at Camera Obscura
  36. Egypt: Ride a camel to the Great Pyramid of Giza
  37. Brazil: Hike up to see Christ the Redeemer
  38. Malaysia: Take the long cable car ride to the Genting Highlands
  39. Morocco: Wander the souks
  40. United States: Get lost in New York City
  41. Canada: Visit Niagara Falls
  42. Iceland: Experience the Northern Lights
  43. Costa Rica: Visit an actual volcano
  44. Greece: Tour the Acropolis
  45. Portugal: Ride the famous Tram #28 around the city of Lisbon
  46. Israel: Visit Jerusalem
  47. Hong Kong: Ride the cable car to the Big Buddha
  48. Laos: Temple hop in Luang Prabang
  49. Honduras: Explore the ruins of Copan
  50. Sweden: Develop Stockholm Syndrome

This list was complied with those of you in mind that feel like you have done everything and need new ideas and inspiration on new activities to do. Comment below if you have done any of these and how your experiences were. Personally this is my bucket list of everything I want to do, and would love some travel tips from those of you that have completed some of these activities!

Until net time, XoXo.



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