Currencies From Around The World

It should come as no surprise to you that as a flight attendant when I say I have currencies from countries some people have never heard of seeping out of my wallet, but not a single U.S. Dollar to my name, that I am not exaggerating. There are times when I go to buy something in the U.S. tirelessly searching for a dollar or two, but all I can come across are Yen, Pesos, Reals, Baht, Dong, Forints, or Won in my wallet. My wallet oozes coins and bills from countries I myself am not sure of, leaving me to question where exactly some of the money I have is from.


But today the O.C.D. Virgo in me decided that it was time to clean my wallet and change purse out and get serious.I discovered an abundance of mini-sized sandwich baggies in my kitchen closet and decided that it was time to put them to good use. I realized quickly that these small baggies hold various note sizes, and coins from all the countries I have visited.


I had decided early on in my travels that I was going to save the leftover currency I had from the countries I had visited instead of spending it frivolously, and I could not have been happier with my decision. Just last week I had a connecting flight through Hong Kong Airport and needed to buy some Advil for a bad headache. I walked on over to the pharmacy inside the airport and I noticed that they only took cash. Luckily I had visited Hong Kong before and had saved some leftover coins and currency in my ever so large international change purse to cover the cost of some Advil for my headache.


However today I decided it was time to get organized and make my life much more simple by sitting down and organizing the currency I had by country. I used different sandwich bags to differentiate the types of currency by country, and then used the actual large-sized change purse I had been carrying all this money in, to place the baggies in. The change purse I was using to carry all my different currency in is actually one of the First Class amenity kits I received recently on my flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles which works perfectly for containing all these different plastic baggies! I stuck a little piece of paper inside each sandwich bag writing down the name of the currency for fast and easy identification!



Do you have a better way of organizing your currency or have a travel tip you want to share? Comment below and let us all know! I hope this helps get you a bit more organized on your travels! Until next time, XoXo.


2 thoughts on “ Currencies From Around The World

  1. That’s a great collection. You should sort and preserve them properly so that you can tell stories after many years. You remnd me that I collected a few when I was a kid but not sure where they are now!


  2. I have a similar collection, but only some of the currency I have is from countries I visited. I learned early on that I’ll probably never see every country, so the next best thing is to just ask for some of the local currency. Without exception everyone I’ve asked has been more than willing to give me a paper note or two!


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