I’ve Got That Stockholm Syndrome

​Earlier today, I was sitting at home anxiously waiting to call into work and see what my assignment was for the next day. I was only available to the company for one day so I knew I was not going anywhere exciting. It has been about a week since my last European layover, and to be honest I was starting to get homesick even though I was at my home in the States. So it was to my surprise when I called into work and heard the words “You are released on Wednesday October 5th!”

That simple sentence alone has the ability to change flight attendants lives a great deal, and is the best possible outcome from calling the tape unless of course you actually want to work and go somewhere. I was over my friends house watching The Little Prince when I got the news and I instantly jumped up in excitement. I had wanted to take a last minute trip to Europe this week for 2 days but it was not possible with my short amount of time off, unless of course I was granted this release.

I quickly checked our flight schedule online and realized I could make the last flight of the night to London, and from there connect to any other destination that had seats available on our oneworld partner, British Airways. To my surprise when I checked the loads for the flight, it was wide open including business class, which pretty much guaranteed I would make it to London. I anxiously hussled to JFK airport in my usual rushed, unorganized, manner with absolutely no plans or ideas. My plan was to figure it all out when I got to London in the morning.

I approached the departure gate at Kennedy and to my surprise the agent handed me my boarding card almost instantly that read Buisness, which was such a nice treat! My company flies a reconfigured 777-200s from JFK to London and the Buisness class seats are super comfortable and nice! I had a glass of champagne to celebrate in-flight and pretty much slept the entire short flight over to London.

When I arrived in London this morning I had absolutely no idea of where I wanted to go, and no idea where I could actually make it to on standby. So as soon as I landed I approached the super friendly British Airways travel agents, told them I was traveling on a staff pass, and would pretty much go anywhere in Europe they could get me a seat on the flight. The agent looked into her reservations system and responded “I have seats available on the Stockholm flight leaving in about an hour, does that work?”

Ahhh, Stockholm. Somewhere I have been dying to visit for quite sometime now. Ever since I heard that house song Stockholm Syndrome, I have pretty much been obsessed with going to visit. I instantly told the agent that Stockholm was brilliant and I was ready to go! I thanked her, and ran away anxiously to the departure gate.

I have never been to Scandinavia or any Nordic country before and I am definitely excited to see whay adventures await me on my free days in Stockholm! After all, I’ve Got That Stockholm Syndrome, everywhere we turn I see the places where  we fell in love. Until next time where I’ll post live from Sweden, XoXo. 


10 thoughts on “I’ve Got That Stockholm Syndrome

  1. Stockholm is a great destination, I have visited twice and I still didn’t see everything that’s there to be seen. I hope you got the Stockholm card and visited all those cool museums and attractions that includes. I especially loved the Photography Museum, I’ve spent hours just walking around and being amazed. Another day I explored Skansen, this amazing park that takes you back to the Swedish village life from the past.


  2. Cool story – I guess it’s every traveller’s dream to just be able to hop on any plane at the last minute and go wherever you want 🙂 I visited Stockholm for the first time in July and I loved it! I hope you’re enjoying Sweden as much as I did x


  3. Interesting to read about your exploits. I loved the way you got to London and asked for any available flight to any place in Europe. Really exciting stuff there! Hope you have a great time in Stockholm and looking forward to reading more about your Stockholm Syndrome.


  4. Love this! I love the absolute freedom that you grip, and don’t waste any moments! My best friend works for an airline, so I’ve been able to tag along, and I am always in awe of the places she gets to go. I’d be gone all the time too! kids in tow of course for me 😉


  5. You are very fortunate that your job allows for this kind of freedom and great to see you are taking advantage of it. And you’re going to love Stockholm, it really is a great city and a great spot from which to explore the region more generally. Just make sure you wrap up warm!


  6. Thanks for the insight into the perks of being a flight attendant. The spontaneous travel, upgraded seats and being treated like a superstar by your fellow peers in the airline industry. I liked Stockholm, but the weather was unfavourable.


  7. Thanks for the insight into the perks of being a flight attendant. Spontaneous travel, upgraded seats and superstar treatment from those in the airline industry sure makes me jealous! I liked Stockholm, just not the weather.


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